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Want to see sexy moms having sex with daughters? Then read on…

About Sexy Momma

From the tour page Sexy Momma purports to be all about the taboo subject of mother – daughter sex. “The family that plays together, stays together” it claims – well I’m not sure about that truism but since I’m not personally aware of any families that engage in incestuous relations I can’t really comment on its accuracy. There are even tabs for the “Moms” page and “Daughters” page in the menu bar.

But when you get inside the members area and look at the available videos you find that they’re not really all about mothers and daughters. Although many of the videos do depict that scenario, the general theme is more along the lines of older women seducing younger women. Which is probably a good thing, right? I mean, I can’t be the only one who feels a little uneasy about watching something that is supposed to be incestuous sex. I don’t know how this genre of porn became so proliferous but as far as I’m concerned I hope it goes away very quickly.

How good is the content?

Having established that Sexy Momma is not all about incest, we get on to the question of how good the content actually is. Well I watched enough of it to come to the conclusion that the actresses in these videos felt as uneasy performing the incest scenes as I did watching them. They really weren’t convincing at all. In several of the videos the climax of the action is when the two girls are rubbing their pussies together. That might be a turn on for girls to do, but it’s not that exciting for a man to watch because you can’t really see anything happening.  If I’m going to get turned on by lesbian porn, I want to see them stuffing things into each other! The bigger things the better! But toys and insertions don’t really feature in a lot of the footage – it seems to be more about kissing and fondling and for the hardened porn fan that just isn’t going to get you going.

So maybe what it lacks in quality Sexy Momma makes up for in quantity? Sadly no. The site is about a year and a half old and in that time only 44 videos have found their way into the members area. At least they’re being added at about one per week now so things should build up more quickly from here on in.

The Members Area

The members area looks curiously dated for such a new site. That is probably because it is based on one from a much older site. Amazingly in this day and age it hasn’t been optimized for mobile.

Here is where I tell you about this pay site’s one saving grace. It’s part of a network of sites which you get access to all of from the get go. The even better news is that some of them are way better than Sexy Momma itself. There is Latex Pussycats which features some lesbian content which is far more convincing and arousing than the content in Sexy Momma. There is Luke Hardy XXX featuring a British army dude who fucks various “Command Ho’s” and I’ll be reviewing that separately shortly. There are then the Ed Powers and Bruce Seven sites which have older content but are worthwhile. Lastly a site called 3AM.XXX which to be honest isn’t really up to much, the videos seem to be quite short and again feature unconvincing lesbian porn, this time taken from various other websites so in no way is it exclusive.


As you can probably tell Sexy Momma doesn’t really do it for me. It would be okay as the bonus site if you were joining one of the other sites in the network but on its own it doesn’t cut it. There are better porn sites out there that cover the older woman / younger woman niche. Sorry, this is a Porn Site Dud.