TAC Amateurs

TAC Amateurs


Content Quality


Content Quantity


Value for Money



  • Massive amount of content
  • True amateur content
  • Huge variety


  • Some content is quite old
  • Some sites don't update

This must be just about the biggest amateur porn network there is.

About TAC Amateurs

Way back in the good old days of online porn, if you wanted to see amateur porn there were a ton of little “Mom and Pop” sites that would cater for you. The kind of sites set up and run by single women or husband and wife teams, who would delight in showing you their sexuality on video. But now it’s hard to find this kind of stuff. The reasons for this could be many fold. Maybe there’s not enough money in it any more. Maybe keeping up with all the legalities and technicalities of running a porn site became too much. Maybe they all made a shit ton of money and moved on? Okay, that last one seems a bit far fetched…

What is certainly the case is that there are still people who want to have their own site, but the clever ones now do it a different way. Instead of going through all the trouble of setting up and running the site, they get someone else to look after that in return for a cut of the revenue. That may sound like there’s less potential to make money but actually if you let someone else handle the things you’re not so good at, you can spend more time on the important stuff – making your porn. Meaning you can make more of it and better, so ultimately you end up making a better website.

This is the idea behind TAC Amateurs. You join it like any normal porn site but when you log in you can choose from about 300 amateur sites in the network. They are all operated by the amateurs themselves and update at different times with different schedules. Actually some have been abandoned and haven’t updated for quite a while. Still, you won’t really mind that so much because so many others are having new stuff added, and even now new sites are being added to the network quite often.

How good is the content?

Here’s the thing about TAC Amateurs – it varies greatly. In terms of the technical side of things recent videos are in HD but it’s only 720p. Older stuff can be in 640×480 resolution and there is even some really old stuff that’s lower res than that. But then what do you expect of amateur porn? This is the genuine stuff, proper homemade porn and the people who make this kind of stuff generally don’t have access to the latest 4K UHD video cameras and top editing suite software. You may find some of it is recorded on phone cameras.

What counts here is that these are genuine amateurs. Most of the women here only have their content here on TAC Amateurs. Some it’s true do have content in other places. So I can’t say that the whole lot is exclusive but I would say the vast majority of it is.

I should now get on to explaining the huge variety you will find inside. First of all TAC’s reach is truly global and there are amateurs from the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, France, and plenty of other countries. And they come in all shapes and sizes. Generally woman shaped, that’s true but whatever is your type of gal you’re catered for here.

Just check out the site thumbs you can see from the tour page – seriously dude, there has got to be a girl there you like. If you can honestly say no then you’re just too goddam picky!

The variety doesn’t end there. These girls (and some guys) do all kinds of filthy stuff. Of course quite a few are happy just to do solo masturbation and the odd flick where they get fucked, probably by their husband. But many go much further. There are gangbangs, bukkake, swingers, girl on girl, femdom, fetish stuff, the list goes on. Let me tell you, this is probably the best chance you’ll get to find someone doing that particular amateur kink you’re into. In fact you can probably even ask some of them to do it for you as the site allows you to communicate with the site owners if they want to let you.

The Members Area

With such a vast site I was worried that it would be difficult to find my way around it. Actually it’s not too bad. You get a bunch of categories to filter the content down and you can add two or more together to filter it right down to exactly what you want. Want to find all the European girls who do outdoor group sex with cumshots? You can filter right down to that (no I didn’t check how many videos there are of that but there will be some surely). You can just browse through the websites too. When you click through to one you can then choose her videos, her picture sets, or view her latest updates. It all works pretty well and you can do all this on a mobile phone just as easily.

You do occasionally find a girl who you think looks like you’d really love to see her stuff, and then you click through and discover she’s only added a couple of videos and that was five years ago or something. But you can forgive that when the whole network is so vast. Put it this way, if you had just paid to join that one site you’d want your money back but with TAC Amateurs it doesn’t really matter because you’ll just find another girl.

The last thing I have to mention is that there is a bonus of access to the ChickPass network which is quite similar to TAC Amateurs and gives you a whole load more content again!


I think I can confidently recommend a membership of this amateur network and know that you won’t be disappointed with it as long as you don’t expect the highest technical quality and you don’t expect all the videos to be full length 45 minutes long (because most aren’t and a few are really no more than short clips). It will just take you a while to find the best stuff but then that’s all part of the fun. Definitely a Porn Site Hit.